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Welcome all!

Welcome to Traditional Precision. 

Founded on the principle that traditionally precise items can be found all over the world. We are the hub, or marketplace, for handcrafted guy stuff. Whether you are into making, selling, using, or just searching for something different. Traditional as a word gives the idea that someone has flipped through history to create something based in the past. Precision gives the idea that state of the art equipment has been used to make it. Here we intend to show what the human mind using two human hands can create, whether it be using the oldest of techniques, or the most modern. We intend to create a community of craftsmen and those who desire to become craftsmen.

Our selection will include a practical selection for the outdoors man. From backpacks, to game calls, to archery equipment, camping supplies and equipment, to fishing tackle, rods and reels. From arts and crafts like leather goods and photography, to hunting gear like custom knives. If you can conceive it and create it, we want to create a market for it. The list will grow with time. We will include some commercial products as well, however, our main goal is to invite those who make these rugged crafts to sell them through us. It’s a place for you to set up and sell directly to your intended crowd. To help you find your tribe of those adventurers who want your hand touched bit of precision. 

Chinese bow maker, Yang Fuxi, is quoted saying “Retirement is not in the dictionary of craftsman.”   It is important to understand this concept and why it is so important to us. Because what have those that have taken up their craft done?” Why, they have devoted their life to learning it. Finding many pieces of life's answers inside the crafts they pursue. This set’s out our goal: to offer all the help we can to show buyers what they are looking for. Our goal is to post the best items that won’t fail you in the field. We have been working on creating strong relationships with these Craftsmen. I myself am a Bowyer (a maker of traditional bows). A Craft that has taught me much about being creative. My hope for my bows is to see them be useful tools to prospective buyers. Watching them work is like watching children leave to graduate college. You’re sad to see them go, but their success at another step in their life, and that makes you all the more happy. We want to pass it on in every item that is posted on our site. 

Finally to our prospecting Adventures. You have heard our declaration. What will we do to showcase products as they come in? Well that’s the fun part. In wanting to prove we have quality products from our handcrafters, we invite them to submit something for us to review. We will be putting these products through real world reviews. Case in point a quiver. It will be taken out into the field while filled with shafts and emptied many times. All the while we will keep track of its ease of use, comfort, and durability. These are the three main factors we look into. 

Again we look at; Ease of use, Comfort, and Durability. We will also look at; suitability for its intended purpose, overall appearance, as well as the craftsmanship used in making it as well. 

Thank you for visiting Traditional Precision. It is our hope that you will find something here that you will enjoy using for many years to come. A traditionally and precisely crafted piece of kit that will make your life outdoors more enjoyable and fulfilling. Enjoy your Experience, 


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