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The frustration of focus.

The frustration of focus.

Have you ever taken on something only to learn you needed more education then you had? Of course you have. Why don’t we sit and think for a moment on this problem. You see everyone spouts a different answer but the loudest one comes at  the ears with a certain sharpness. “Just pay someone else.”  networking out your problems is all well and good. But what if you can’t pay?  Well then you're up a creek without a paddle. Perhaps you should pack in and give up. 

Perhaps there is a different method. Another way to use networking to achieve your desires? You know the saying speaks with those that agree with you. I care to ask you how large is your social circle? 

Ours here in traditional precision has grown steadily over our first years of development. It has by a natural process helped the company mature. Every single person we have spoken with has agreed that our initial idea was a good one. But this didn’t help us gain a focus. What we did was acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses. Not just our own but each others. Cleve and I conceived this idea just before 2018 and in February of that year we went into business together. Had I had an inkling of the steps included. My focus would have been so much more driven. The first real hurdle we had was finding the correct platform and means to run our site. At first this had been Cleves project. He was driven to get the idea out of that circle and to see it making money inside three months. Safe to say our first attempts fell down and with our initial funds being severely lacking. Our frustration found root in many corners. We however seemed to have an unspoken rule. I highly recommend it to those that wish to enter into a partnership of any kind. 

First rule. Anger leads to failure.

There are problems and solutions. Sometimes It is best to logically work out that your not going to succeed in the manner you're attempting. This can include partnerships. But in the case of your partner you must be sure if they are a partner or an accomplice. Another way to look at this is are they a partner in your goals and business building or merely an investor. This can and will lead to a level of discomfort. Frustration will blind your mind. However Anger will not solve this problem. Your faith to see yourself succeed will.  This rule has set itself closer and closer to my being in many parts of my life. Particularly with building this marketplace. 

AAfter much failure in the first year I eventually took over the set up of the website during which A few things came to light. First our methods needed to change. This took discussion. It took alot of planning just to meet up with each other. However Both of us arrived at a new solution and found an engine to use for the marketplace. In All this took two years. Some may think this a little ridiculous. In today's realm if you have done proper research on your way in six months. I’m actually happy to report that the slow development of our company has allowed us a certain birds eye view of the market as we organized. Which leads to the second rule.

Rule 2. Education. Don’t you dare stop learning. 

It’s always been my dream to become an engineer. I had actually faltered on the proverb all steps of my chosen university at one point. Realizing that my family needed me more. But my education for learning systems and web design were well under way. A bittersweet moment really. Speaking to those that are truly working with little. You're feeling so overwhelmed. I know the feeling. Amazon Byh the year 2019 had created such a fuss in the united states and finally pushed far enough with Its home state of washington concerning taxes that Nationally Marketplace facilitators were now being directly burdened with strict tax laws. To make it even worse. The more you tried to learn the worse you trembled. However the lack of this knowledge would surely see you before a judge at some point.  It’s safe to point out that I have since found solutions to these problems. 

A single business owner going into a major game will find themselves gasping for breath. Twirling in uncertainty. I wish I could give you the direct life line of answers. However From where I sit and you stand. You yourself will see the market differently through your own tinted spyglass. If you have taken business classes that will already change your perspective to mine. If you have worked for self from a young age and know how to sell your skill well. You're also viewing the scene differently. I see it broadly wanting to ease A shop owner's worries by educating myself on attracting buyers to an open marketplace online. Vendors will see it as wanting there to offer peace to catch eye’s and force impulse buying. (or something along those lines.) Point is we learn different things at different times. The only wrong path is to stop learning. 

Rule 3. Patience and risk taking.

Cleve and myself knew the risks in entering this form of business. We knew that we were in it for the long game. Today I see too many entrepreneurs that make and sell businesses in blinding time frames. They also can make a nice buck from doing this. However this to me is like gambling. You bet on a colour and number hoping the dice roll in your favor. A short and brisk analogy I admit. The goal is the same however: Make your bet and get your return. Mentally prepared for the loss I fail to see the Preparation to see long term success for the company. What I just described vs staying in it for a long haul. The long haul allows you to influence a policy and culture for the company. Not only the company but your customers. Seeing the built faith come pouring in on the services provided over the time there makes your efforts seem weightless. 

Rule 4. No frustration no more success.

There can not be order without disorder. Light without dark. One more Corruption without incorruption. Mistakes are a part of life. If we did not push our limits then new heights could not be found. By the year 2019 and near the beginning of 2020. We had not turned a single dime in profit. Nearly two years. I found this and the pressure from concerned parties very frustrating. In some very personal cases nearly suffocating. I wanted to achieve all that I had set out to do. And this is where My fourth  rule sets the real tone. It set perspective for my goals. 

I could not expect success without the chicken to lay them. In this world you make the argument all day but the farmer will tell you. “Yer going to need chicks!” 

Arguing philosophy only takes you so far. To see real success Frustration must exist to help you set your goals in order. Some out there are literally saying “but ,BUT,” Buts smell funny.  I expect you to decide what you want first . Go with that idea. Don’t stop until it has been achieved. This includes deciding to create the first version of real artificial gravity in space without the spinning contraption that seems popular. The one finding this out is certainly pulling hair out. Whoever you are, go for it. Achieve it! 

Frustration is only created when we lose focus. We lose focus by allowing our vision to broaden out of control. Out of control of what can be handled. New ideas, taking on too much development, too many roles handled at one or simply thinking we can achieve one thing and then kick back and pat our backs. 

Frustration becomes born and is beat by our focus. No matter your skill set, finding a way to keep a focus on what's needed will save the shop from failing.  Working with your partner calmly first to help overcome obstacles together will see a focused business relationship. (not all work out like that. But hey skill sets)

Take care all and make straight lines. 

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