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Finding my gifts

Finding my gifts. 

My wife is constantly telling me that I only have four burners to cook with. I’m sad to say she is right. But it’s like being in a candy store. I can’t stop throwing things on the counter. In this case it’s wanting to try new things. To learn it all at once! Well that's not a gift I can tell you. It’s called no self control and I have gotten a little better at that. 

But what about yourself? How long have you actually spent wanting to be good at something. Say you haven’t been able to keep your interest in it or perhaps the money hasn’t been there to keep your skills on the improving climb. These reasons and more can make me quite frustrated sometimes. However I do have a few skill sets that I have been able to stick with. I want to share them and the reasons why I was able to stick with them. 


Of all the things i can use for free. This is perhaps my best skill set available. In this day. ( The year of 2020.) It’s become rather apparent how easily people can be cast aside. We are in the end our own agent. The resources for our success can only be used if we see the vision. So I like to keep thinking of new ways to make perhaps the same concept. Our ability to imagine is our greatest component available. 

It’s like what they like to say in a sales job. You can only sell it if you believe in it. This is the most important part of actively using our imagination. Of course you're all different and unique. Thats the beautiful part of it. 

Continued education. 

Whole novels have been written about thisI don’t feel it’s  understated. However we are perhaps our own worst enemy for keeping the knowledge fresh in our minds. It’s actually not about keeping up with the times or constantly chasing down the latest techniques. Many individuals are forced to close shop because they put too much stock into that line of thinking. Continued education can be as simple as merely repeating little exercises for you. Perhaps offering classes for others to learn from you. Teaching is the best way for an individual to retain knowledge. 

Trying out different materials in your craft  is another way to learn. Everything reacts differently right? Why do you think black smiths have so much fun making damascus steel? It’s rhythmic chaos and elegant beauty!  I don’t think I have met a single smith that does not continue to learn. 

Many of us sweat this thinking we need to be radical. Buy the expensive books and seek out the masters' opinion from their very mouths. However it’s often as simple as recording your day's activities from the shop. Your reflection on the day in writing it down will often lead you to deep revelations about yourself and your craft. Not to mention it’s helpful for future generations. 

Time management. 

With the covid 19 restrictions all over the world. Wherever we may be. This skill has become the most important of all. Some have more time than they know what to do with. Dealing with uncertainty as the consequence. 

Some have even les time now. They also deal with the uncertainty of what is to come next. Many are unsure in their own rights and views of the world. Again however the ability to write or record our thoughts can come into play. Many experts will all agree on this simple trick. 

Make a checklist for your day. Not necessarily an exact schedule. A list of goals will suffice. However your main goal must be that of continued drive to see this list completed. 

Why do I state these simple things? Because right now even for me they may be the hardest. Our crafts and Hard skills. That which we pour our passion into is meaningless without calling ourselves to action in these ways.  A balance must be reached. To this day I have found it extremely difficult to make my way. Except by grasping hold of my intended goal and pulling through that mud hole also known as the swamp of distractions.  


These three skills are some very simple yet difficult things to stay focused on. I view it as part of my shop and work to keep it on my five S cleaning regimen. (everything in its intended place.) once you start and begin to maintain. You will feel the habits starting to form. I assure you it can become second nature. This way you're open to new ideas, while learning new things and all of it happening inside a managed time frame. 

Take care everyone hope to see you very soon on the market place. 



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