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New or old gear make sure it works!

Spring gear up!

New or old make sure it’s going to work!

You're not going to like yourself if you get out there and suddenly things are not working right! Happened to me last hunting season. I took a water filter with me only to have it start leaking after a bit of use. Honestly I never discovered the exact cause.  Still it led me to have some minor doubts about it’s longevity. With Spring coming out into the world yet again you're gonna want to make sure you're in proper order before hitting the trail! Let's go over a brief lay out on getting the gear ready and then let's give a lazy eye stare at those that make that oh so beloved custom hand made gear for us to use and cherish. 

Ok first thing before you think about the new toys lets take a look at your pre existing ones. I have a very strict rule for myself . If it isn’t broke don't fix it. Familiarity is the best way to keep your system sharp. Your system is what you do when completing tasks either at or away from the campfire. It all has to do with what you have found comfortable. So why change that with every new shiny item you see? (ahem) that was rhetorical.  You can start your examination by asking 

  • Does it fulfill its function?

  • Is it still comfortable? 

  • Will it work where i’m going next? 

That last thought is a serious consideration for sleepwear, bedding, clothing, shelter arrangements and your skill set. 

This can keep you in good stead with staying safe in nature. However, remember I keep at least three to five different fire starting methods in my pack. I like to stay warm and dry. Now that you have passed judgment on your existing goods let's talk about getting that shiny new stuff!

It’s alway an utter excitement to see the shopping list of your gear needs. Now you need to source it. From where should you purchase it? I’ll cut right to the chase and say it should come from those that can simply relate to the use of the product.  Ergo, say you buy an axe. You can buy an off the shelf axe or look into the custom selection and contemplate the pros and cons all day. Say one thing for that which was made by hand. It was made with the outdoors in direct mind. I find the haft of a hand made hatchet often fits my giant paws much more like a glove when cutting wood. Making kindling for the campfire has been a much more comfortable experience.  

In the hunting realm I'll ask this. Does a mass produced factory bow sound better or how about a hand carved one made by fellow enthusiasts that wants to share their craft? You know the answer if you ask me. What stops most is the supposed ,learning curve. The secret to that curve is simple, ride it out. Now when you're choosing the tool you wish to use. It’s merely about if you trust the one that made it. This is the reason I created Traditional Precision. To add honor to the crafters creations. I seriously look forward to reviewing as many of these camping, hiking and all around wonderful products. It makes me giddy thinking about it.  Today's method of gearing out is actually not much different from 100 years ago. People stick with what works for them. They set their methods of operation.  To quote Paul sellers “ Is aesthetics just something that looks good. Or is aesthetics something that feels and looks good.”    Camping, hiking, fishing and hunting all work better when the crafted item is reliable. 

Hey some food for thought everyone. Take care and i’ll see you real soon! 


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